Marche du Film 2020 Lineup

At Marche du Film 2020 we would like to offer rights for three our films:

  • THREE COMRADES (Feature fiction 71′, 2020)
  • PITFALL (Short fiction / experimental 12′, 2019)
  • TRANSFORMATION (Doc 54′, 2019)

To learn more about the titles follow links below or contact us at

Poster for Three Comrades.

Three Comrades

“Three Comrades” is a provocative, “politically incorrect” drama centered on three young employees of a wholesales company. The three friends start a Friday evening with beer and set out to find some fun and pleasure. On the way to another bar, they speak on a range of contemporary issues, from inhumanity of capitalism to illegal migration and sexism. Only one of them will stay alive. Who? A cynic, a romantic or an indifferent?

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Poster for Pifall (a brainteaser).

Pifall (a brainteaser)

An experimental film in which the director tries to show the world through the eyes of a person with personality disorders. It is made as a puzzle: only after seeing the last frames it becomes clear what this story is about. The film was created in order to attract attention to the problems of people with mental disorders, who in Belarus account for 15%.

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Poster for Transformation.


“Transformation” tells life stories of several transgender people living in Belarus. Hardships they have to deal with, created by society and government, lack of knowledge and understanding.

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