“Formula of Humanity” premiere

March 03, 2020
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What does it mean to remain human? Documentary series “Formula of humanity” is premiered in Minsk.

On March 4, the OK16 cultural hub will host the premiere screening of an Internet/TV series based on real events.

“Formula of Humanity” tells 12 real stories, each of which deserves to be a separate film. The series tells about how, contrary to inhuman conditions, orders, and even death, people managed to stay human, made fateful decisions and overcame seemingly insurmountable circumstances.

– We deliberately avoided being tied to the time and place of the events described, did not specify the nationality of the heroes of these stories. The main idea of the project is to show that the world is not divided into black and white, good and bad, says Leonid Kalitenya, producer at “Center of Contemporary Culture “Running Turtle”.

The project was implemented as part of the humanitarian program “Meeting Place: Dialogue” with the support of the German Federal Foundation “Memory, Responsibility and Future”, as well as the International Public Association “Mutual Understanding”.

Each story is told by a direct or indirect witness of the events of the long gone years. Also many famous Belarusian actors contributed to the creation of the documentary series. Among them are Roman Podolyako, Lyudmila Sidorkevich, Pavel Harlanchuk-Yuzhakov, Svetlana Ben, Oleg Kots, Svetlana Anikei and many others.

– We are very happy and grateful to the actors for taking the time and supporting this project. Each of them tried on the role of the main character and, in fact, had to live through far from the most pleasant emotions and life situations, says Roman Romanov, the director of the project.

The presentation of the Internet/TV series will be held in a discussion format. Guests will be shown the first three episodes of the documentary series and will be able to discuss them with the authors, actors and the crew of the project.
The rest of the stories of the documentary series “Formula of Humanity” will be published literally the day after the premiere on the Youtube channel of the “Running Turtle”.