Leonid Kalitenya on “Three Comrades” premiere on Radio Minsk 22.10.2020

Due to the recent premiere of the Belarusian-Russian film “Three Comrades” (directed by Vladimir Kozlov), Leonid Kalitenya, the producer, was invited to Radio Minsk. A talk about “Three Comrades”, independent cinema, the nuances of entering the international market, listen to the audio recording of the interview:… Read more

The first review on “Three Comrades” 22.10.2020

Vladimir Kozlov’s Three Comrades, which recently premiered in North America, received its first review. Movie Review: In Russia, just call these brutish bros “Three Comrades”… Read more

Interview with the producer of “Formula of humanity” Leonid Kalitenya on “Meetings in the evening” 20.03.2020

Image for news post Interview with the producer of “Formula of humanity” Leonid Kalitenya on “Meetings in the evening”.

Recently in the capital a documentary web series “Formula humanity” has been premiered. It is 12 stories in which in spite of circumstances people managed to remain human. Svetlana Kolmakova discussed this with the producer and CEO of “Center of Contemporary Culture “Running Turtle” Leonid Kalitenya on the program “Meetings… Read more

“Formula of humanity” and Belarusians at the Berlinale 19.03.2020

Image for news post “Formula of humanity” and Belarusians at the Berlinale.

On March 4, in the cultural space OK16, the premiere screening of the documentary Internet/TV series “Formula of Humanity” based on real events will take place. The series tells about people who, despite everything, even death and inhuman conditions, remained human.

Producer Leonid Kalitenya will talk about the details of the series at 13:00 on live Euroradio. Read more

“Formula of Humanity” premiere 03.03.2020

Image for news post “Formula of Humanity” premiere. Афиша

What does it mean to remain human? Documentary series “Formula of humanity” is premiered in Minsk. On March 4, the OK16 cultural hub will host the premiere screening of an Internet/TV series based on real events. “Formula of Humanity” tells 12 real stories, each of which deserves to be a… Read more