Formula of Humanity

Roman Romanov, 2020

Genre Internet-TV
Year 2020
Country Belarus
Duration 12 8-minute series
Language Russian
The Internet-TV series "Formula of Humanity" tells 12 real stories, each of which deserves to become a separate film. How to stay human under inhumane conditions, and what exactly makes us human that helps to overcome seemingly insurmountable circumstances. The project was carried out as part of the humanitarian program “Meeting point: Dialogue” with the support of the German Federal Foundation “Erinnerung, Verantwortung, Zukunft“ („Remembrance, Responsibility, Future“) and the International Public Association "Mutual Understanding”.

Poster for Formula of Humanity. Афиша


Director Roman Romanov
Producer Leonid Kalitenya
Producer Natallia Bruzhnik
DOP Nikolay Maminov
Production designer Anna Nelyubina
Editing Anton Gorodetsky
Line producer Valeria Ulasik
Project coordinator Natalya Ostrikova



First Victory

A jet fighter unit positioned near the border was raised in alarm, combat orders were issued. A young aviation school graduate shoots down an enemy plane, which then still manages to land on a potato field. It is surrounded by farmers who want to lynch the pilots.


A quartermaster from a ghetto government falls in love with a prisoner of the camp. Once he finds out about the impending massacre, he tries to arrange an escape for his beloved.


About 200 refugees are hiding in the forests in a territory occupied by the enemy. To avoid risks for the resistance camp, a young commander offers an adventurous plan: to lead people behind enemy lines – for several hundred kilometers under the nose of the enemy army.

A Cauldron of Porridge

At a farm where three generations of a peasant family live, a platoon of an enemy army sets up their camp. The farmers lock the door, anxiously waiting for how this neighborhood will turn out.

Heavenly Intercession

The occupation power arrests 120 people in the city and plans on shooting them. 11 nuns, led by the abbess, go to the commandant, requesting to release the prisoners, taking their lives in return.

The Song

The enemy army occupies a settlement and plans on turning it into a strategic frontier. Fearing an information leak, the new government decides to kill the locals. Before the execution the officer allows them to voice their last wishes.

The Painter and the Girl

A young painter receives a command post in a resistance unit. His task is to save people from prisons and camps, from where he once escaped.

Two Mothers

During the war, a family with a newborn daughter plan an escape from a barrack guarded by the enemy to a resistance camp. The only way to save their and their child’s life is by separating: the spouses leave the girl to a neighbor and leave the village to try to contact the camp’s command.

Cinderella and the Prince

A young girl arrives from occupied territory to work in a family of aristocrats, where she is treated as a second-class person, punished for every mistake. Once, on a birthday, a young man comes to the daughter of the owners and his eyes meet with the young maid who is serving them while they have dinner.

Four Hours

The newly appointed commander of an occupied territory receives an order to carry out a punitive operation. The decision was made on the basis of an anonymous denunciation. The commander has to save the locals, who are standing on the edge of a pit being aimed at, until sunset.

Six Cards

In an occupied city, a person dies in public with six food cards in his passport. A morgue nurse tries to find the deceased’s family: maybe these cards will save their lives.

The Pit

The occupation authorities allow the local residents to build a mill. During the day, they grind grain for the invaders and the civilian population, and at night they send bags of flour, weapons and medicine to the resistance units.