Kolya Rides

Sergey Sergienko, 2017

Genre Melodrama
Year 2017
Country Belarus
Duration 30 minutes
Language Russian
An ordinary weekend of an ordinary family turns into a detective. Parents leave their eldest son Zhenya to look after the younger Kolya, and they themselves go to celebrate the wedding anniversary. As luck would have it, it’s Zhenya’s friend birthday too, and now he can’t go there. But a miracle happens. A car from a social center comes to take Kolya. Big brother is free! And then Kolya - a teenager with a mental disability, like a gullible child - disappears, gets lost in a huge city... What will Zhenya, his girlfriend, their friends do? What will they choose - will they continue to celebrate or rush in search of Kolya? And how will this choice change them?
Poster for Kolya Rides.


Director Sergey Sergienko
Writer Sergey Antselevich
Composer Elena Dolgikh
DOP Alexander Aleynikov
Producer Natallia Bruzhnik
Producer Leonid Kalitenya
Editing Sergey Sergienko
Father Sergey Bykhov
Mother Anna Polupanova
Zhenya Pavel Pavlyut
Oksana Evgenia Shilak
Kolya Sofya Markevich