Pifall (a brainteaser)

Daria Yurkevich, 2019

Genre Experimanetal
Year 2019
Country Belarus
Duration 12'
Language Russian
An experimental film in which the director tries to show the world through the eyes of a person with personality disorders. It is made as a puzzle: only after seeing the last frames it becomes clear what this story is about. The film was created in order to attract attention to the problems of people with mental disorders, who in Belarus account for 15%.

Poster for Pifall (a brainteaser).


Producer Leonid Kalitenya
Producer Natallia Bruzhnik
Writer Daria Yurkevich
Director Daria Yurkevich
DOP Ksenia Vasilevkina
Production designer Phillip Lagunovich-Cherepko
Editing Daria Yurkevich
Main cast Marina Poddubnaya, Natalya Melnikova, Alexander Molchanov, Artem Kuren