Shirey Mara

Nata Korneyeva, 2021

Genre Drama
Year 2021
Country Belarus
Duration 9 minutes 50 seconds
Language Russian
The story is about reconciliation with the loss of a loved one, about waiting for the first snow and about November dreams. A young wife of Joseph, Mara, dies. She drops off a magic box with her songs as a gift for him.
Poster for Shirey Mara.



Director, writer, producer, production designer Nata Korneyeva
Animation director, animator, sound designer, composer Eldar Musin
Animation director, animator, character artis Daria Pariseeva
Character artist Elena Radygina
Character artist Alexey Luzhin
Line producer Volodya Berkhin
Maxim Perekotin Line producer
Producer Leonid Kalitenya
Producer Nata Korneyeva