Souls Dead

Victor Krasovskiy, 2016

Genre Drama
Year 2016
Country Belarus
Duration 28:31'
Language Russian
Filmed in one shot, the film tells about a modern Belarusian enterprise, whose staff, due to tax benefits, is partially made up of people with disabilities. The trouble that happened on the eve of a holiday reveals the true essence of the heroes. The film received 17 awards at film festivals, including 1st place in the National competition of the Listapad festival (Belarus), the prize for the best short film in Eastern Europe at the Independent days festival (Germany), the prize for the best feature film at the Artkino festival (Russia).
Poster for Souls Dead.


Director Victor Krasovsky
Writer Victor Krasovsky
Writer Sergey Antselevich
Writer Kirill Vevel
Producer Leonid Kalitenya
Producer Victor Krasovsky
Producer Alexander Efremov
DOP Alexander Aleynikov
Production designer Sergey Semenov
Editing Alexander Aleynikov
Sound engineer Evgeny Rogozin
Composer Pavel Rassolko


The CEO of a modern logistics center, an experienced and charismatic man loves discipline and order. The center’s workers (some of them are with disabilities) are not always thrilled with his methods, especially in anticipation of a holiday. The owner of the company – a successful, sociable, intelligent man suddenly arrives. His attention is focused on the profitability of the enterprise first. An unexpected event causes characters of the film to show their traits, invisible at first sight.