Summer of ’89

Vladimir Kozlov, 2022

Genre Drama
Year 2022
Country Belarus
Duration 82 minutes 9 seconds
Language Russian
It's their last summer before adult life begins…
Poster for Summer of ’89.



It’s late July of 1989, the Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic. Olya, Natasha, Andrei, Sasha and Igor are seventeen-year-old secondary school graduates. All of them, except Olya – Natasha’s cousin visiting from Leningrad – have known each other since childhood.
To relax following university entrance exams, which some of them passed and some failed, the five teenagers go on a camping trip.
This short trip comes as a test of their relationships, of their emotional maturity on the threshold of adult life. The teenaged guys and girls make plans for the future, share their dreams and aspirations, not knowing that their country will soon cease to exist, and their future will differ greatly from what they could see at this point.



Writer Vladimir Kozlov
Director Vladimir Kozlov
Producer Vladimir Kozlov
Producer Natallia Bruzhnik
Producer Leonid Kalitenya
Line producer Natalia Kotsovskaya
DOP Alexey Myshkovets
Music Bourbon Military
Editing Igor Yurkevich
Sound engineer Valeria Ovchinnikova
Color correction Alexey Myshkovets
Sound mixing and mastering Elena Lyakh-Tarasova
Film set manager Yana Kisel
Film set manager Anastasia Poryvaeva
Actors Assistant Daria Laschenko
Film crew assistant Victoria Yakimovich
Film crew assistant Alexander Vinnitsky
Film crew assistant Georgy Stakhovsky
Preparation Assistant Valeria Aksyanovich
Preparation Assistant Mikhail Zhukhovitsky
Preparation Assistant Anna Sushkova


Natasha Arina Salyga
Olya Alena Kulikovskaya
Sasha Maxim Filatov
Andrey Jan Kardash
Igor Ivan Sheiko
Guy 1 Alexander Vinnitsky
Guy 2 Roman Lagunovsky