Three Comrades

Vladimir Kozlov, 2019

Genre Drama
Year 2019
Country Belarus
Duration 71 minutes
Language Russian
“Three Comrades” is a provocative, "politically incorrect" drama centered on three young employees of a wholesales company. The three friends start a Friday evening with beer and set out to find some fun and pleasure. On the way to another bar, they speak on a range of contemporary issues, from inhumanity of capitalism to illegal migration and sexism. Only one of them will stay alive. Who? A cynic, a romantic or an indifferent?
Poster for Three Comrades.


Writer Vladimir Kozlov
DOP Svetoslav Bolgarchuk
Production designer Kristina Sidorova
Editing Kristina Sidorova
Sound engineer Ilya Zelenin
Sound engineer Elena Lyach-Tarasova
Producer Leonid Kalitenya
Producer Natallia Bruzhnik
Line producer Kristina Sidorova
Cast Evgeny Zarubin, Ivan Schary, Andrey Yasinsky, Olga Serikova, Ksenia Plyusnina, Dmitry Grishin, Nikolay Sayapin